Stephen Barclay, CEO 34th America’s Cup

My tax situation is complex as I had both personal and company returns to file for the last years, in New Zealand and the USA. Jutta did a great job when preparing my USA tax returns starting with 2011, always talking through her recommendations with me and making sure we complied with US tax law and filed all different returns on time.

I have no hesitation recommending Jutta Reichert Associates for USA tax matters.


Simon Ward, CFO, Oracle Team USA

Since 2011 Jutta has been providing Oracle Team USA (OTUSA) and many of its staff, including myself, with excellent advice on personal taxation matters.

As in most professional sports, many of OTUSA’s staff are expatriates. To assist our international staff with relocation to San Francisco, Jutta wrote a summary of how US Federal and California tax procedures were likely to effect them.

Jutta subsequently prepared tax returns for both US and international team members. Jutta’s familiarity with both US and international tax codes was reassuring for many of our staff and she was very efficient in dealing with more complex tax returns involving both US and foreign income and tax residency situations.

Jutta’s expert guidance, friendly service and commercial approach has been of great assistance to OTUSA and many of our staff, including myself. Jutta is thorough, professional and a pleasure to deal with and I am happy to recommend her services.


Grant Simmer, Managing Director of Oracle Team USA (OTUSA)

Jutta has provided tax advice and prepared tax returns for approximately 50 individuals in OTUSA. Most of these Team Members are expatriates who are living and working in the USA on temporary visa status. I am one of the Team Members who has used Jutta’s services.

I found Jutta to be very efficient and the process has proceeded smoothly and constructively with all the individuals. She is very dedicated to her clients and has managed the Team Members diverse international situations with great skill.

I am happy to recommend her services to you.


Sherryl Emetarom (Diamond Air Ventures Inc.)

Jutta is extremely knowledgeable in all phases of tax filings. Two years ago she seamlessly took over filing both our individual and s-corp income tax returns as well as provided us with valuable tax planning advice. She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her for all of your tax needs. She has exceeded all of my expectations.


Sergio Aullana Ibañez, Tax Advisor, Valencia, Spain

Jutta is a great professional, she is very efficient always willing to work, you can count with her any time, I have been working with Jutta during the last two years sorting out problems about taxation issues between Spain and US for member of Oracle Team US and I want to highlight her dedication and expertise in all these matters. If you need tax advice do not hesitate to contact Jutta.


Nadia Roshan – Manager, Insights & Analytics at InsightExpress

Jutta has done my taxes for the past 3 years and has made tax season very painless for me! When I was an independent contractor, I had no idea how to file my taxes and was a bit overwhelmed with what to do. She guided me through the process with ease and made me feel very confident that I was not paying a nickel more than I should. Now that I am employed full time, I still have her do my taxes because it’s just so easy and worry-free! Her services are affordable, especially compared to the big tax preparation companies out there. Most importantly, she’s very kind and personable which I find essential, especially when dealing with financial matters. I will continue to recommend her to friends and family.


Dzovag Minassian, MD MPH

Jutta has been diligently doing our personal taxes for the last three years and both my husband and I find her to be as honest as she is intelligent and capable. We initially came to her in desperation after another firm had done our taxes and concluded that we owed tens of thousands of dollars, which we had not anticipated. It turns out that a major exemption had been overlooked and when we came to Jutta for a second opinion she worked tirelessly to understand and explain the issues to us, and then further worked to reduce our payment honestly to the accurate amount. Since then she has been our personal accountant and always offers practical, honest, and very well considered advice on our finances. We trust her with all of our highly sensitive financial and personal information and she earns every bit of that confidence with her professionalism and expertise. Tax season is a stress-less, pleasant experience with Jutta as she does all the work quickly and quietly, including, if need be a house call for signatures with a smile! She always accommodated our busy work schedules and never looked the least bit frazzled even in the thick of April.

On a personal note, Jutta could not be a more kind-hearted and affable person. It gives me great joy to give my business to such an industrious and deserving professional, who holds herself to the highest of standards and delivers exceptional service with every encounter. I unequivocally recommend her services and am grateful to have her on our team.


Jiri Weiss, Senior Principal Writer – Oracle

Jutta is a breath of fresh air after my years of working with H&R Block to do my taxes. She is very friendly, efficient, and provides great service. I feel like I am talking to a good friend when I visit her office. Lightens the odious job of paying your taxes!


Mary DeVries, Realtor and Architect

Jutta has a deep knowledge of tax issues related to Real Estate ownership and development essential to the effective operation of any real estate practice. Whether you are a property manager, home owner or developer, she has insight and understanding of the complexities of the tax code and how your transactions may be viewed by the IRS. I highly recommend you consult with her when considering your real estate holdings and transactions.


Mary Clayton, 980 Oak Street HOA.

We have been clients of Jutta Reichert’s since 2010. She was a referral from our prior property managers. I have been extremely pleased with her professionalism and she has helped us immensely by sorting out some past discrepancies and bringing our tax obligations current. I highly recommend her services. It has been a pleasure to work with her Company.


Dimitri Despierres, Structure & Engineering – Design Team, Oracle Team USA

I was introduced in 2011 to Jutta Reichert and I asked her to deal with everything about taxes for me since then. I liked the way she always took the time to answer my questions and found exactly the answers I was looking for, explaining to me in a common language things that are usually difficult to understand or let’s say too technical and based on law, administration procedure etc. Her knowledge in the domain is wide and for foreigners as for residents, she does an amazing job.

On top of it, I must say that she works fast, amazingly fast with the best result you can expect. Very professional. I definitely recommend her service, she is affordable and it is definitely worth it to avoid the nightmare of doing it ourselves with the risk of so many mistakes. It is a job in itself and I’m happy Jutta is doing it for me.


Michele Stroligo, Designer of Oracle Team USA (OTUSA)

Jutta is professional, capable and kind.

In particular, she helped me during my employment in the United States, a complicated situation since in four years I changed country three times.

If you need tax advice with an international background, I have no doubts to recommend Jutta Reichert Associates services.


Michel Kermarec, Design Executive, Oracle Team USA

Jutta has been my tax adviser for the last three years.

As a foreigner, spending part of my time in the US, part of my time elsewhere, my tax situation is a bit complex.

Taking care of this situation, Jutta has always been very professional, very efficient, and very friendly too.

Without any hesitation, I strongly recommend her services.